Root Rat Nozzles

The Root Rat ® nozzle is the most versatile and compact root cutter available. The Root Rat can make the tight bends in pipes where others cannot. Two interchangeable rotor heads allow for easy change from less aggressive cleaning using the cable rotor to the most aggressive using the chain rotor.

The Root Rats are available in hose sizes for of 3/8 inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch. The nozzles are manufactured here in the USA of very high quality stainless steel and hardened for longer life.

The root rat is easy to service in the field, remove the lock nut and you have four components the end cap, thrust bearing, rotor, and stem. Easy to clean and service. Cuts out expensive returns for repair and rebuilding, no gears or seals to worry about. Our rebuild kit is a stainless steel bearing that costs under $10.00 and can be changed out in a few seconds.

The root rat combo kits come with both rotors a cable rotor which and be use in all sizes of pipes and a chain rotor with lengths of chain for all standard pipe sizes. The kits have extra chain and cable and bearings. The rotors on the larger ½ inch Root Rat and up are designed to mount our optional front cutting attachment and the optional all aluminum skid is also available to center the nozzle in the pipe. 

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